Loose skin on the back of the upper arm, so-called bingo wings, are a cause of embarrassment to some patients. Effective treatment can be sometimes provided by liposuction but for many the treatment involves resection of skin and fat from the inner aspect of the arm. This type of surgery leaves a scar running from the armpit to the inner aspect of the elbow, which for most patients will fade and become relatively inconspicuous. The operation is very effective in restoring a more youthful contour to the arm and eliminating redundant and crepe-like skin. Because the scars are relatively hidden on the inner aspect of the arm, patients can feel confident about wearing short-sleeved or strapped garments.

Complications that may affect brachioplasty are similar to those outlined for abdominoplasty. Delayed wound healing is the commonest nuisance problem and is typically managed by application of dressings. | Tel: 01342 330303