Consultation fee

You will be told ahead of your consultation what the normal charges are. If you are attending for see-&-do type minor surgery, for example, for skin cancers or benign skin lesions, then we will provide advance information wherever possible on expected costs to cover outpatient treatment. You will receive an invoice for the consultation subsequent to meeting Mr Pickford and that fee will be payable either by cheque or BACS. For patients consulting Mr Pickford with a view to cosmetic surgery treatment, the fee for the consultation will include the cost of a second pre-operative visit before treatment.

The Surgical fee

Mark Pickford undertakes treatments that are normally covered by healthcare insurers such as outpatient surgery for skin cancer, reconstructive plastic surgery and hand surgery. We always advise that patients contact their insurers prior to going ahead with treatment to make sure that the policy covers the cost of treatments and outpatient visits and to obtain an authorisation number.

Cosmetic surgery usually falls outside the scope of treatments covered by healthcare insurers. We routinely write to patients ahead of treatment, outlining precisely what the total costs are and how they break down (surgical fee, hospital fee, anaesthetic fee, photographic fee and sometimes, pathology fee). For patients undergoing hand surgery, who are self-funding, we do our best to provide information about therapy costs, which may well be an integral part of the post-operative care plan and is typically provided by dedicated hand therapists. Many cosmetic surgery interventions are covered by so-called fixed price care packages, which will cover, to a variable degree, costs for additional treatments such as those arising from the management of complications. Fine detail on the latter varies from hospital to hospital and you will need to read the letter carefully to make sure you fully understand what you are covered for before undergoing treatment. Fixed price packages usually cover the cost of routine follow up visits, the hospital and anaesthetic fees.

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