The initial consultation provides an opportunity to fully discuss the issues/symptoms that have prompted you to seek an expert opinion. It also provides an opportunity to review all of your past medical history and general health, which may influence the decision-making process. Clinical examination may be supported by special investigations and it is routine for aesthetic surgery patients to have pre-operative photographs taken by a qualified medical photographer. The latter forms an important part of the medical record, copies of which are supplied to all patients provide an important reminder of appearances before treatment.

Mark lays great importance on providing clear explanations to his patients of the nature of their problems and the range of treatments that are available as well as technical details about the ways in which surgery can be performed. All patients receive a full explanation of likely outcomes, potential complications and of what can be expected in the recovery process.

For patients contemplating cosmetic plastic surgery, it is routine to provide an opportunity to have a second pre-operative consultation, at no cost, to make sure that every opportunity has been provided to answer questions and provide clarification. | Tel: 01342 330303