Ganglion Cysts

Ganglions are cystic swellings typically arising from joints and from tendons in the hand. They can occur at any age and are usually painless, but in some instances may be associated with an aching discomfort and in those patients for whom the swelling is very obvious, there may be aesthetic considerations also.

Ganglion cysts classically have a history or waxing and waning in size. It is said that, in the end, all ganglion cysts resolve spontaneously, but this can be an extremely slow process. I have seen many patients who have presented with ganglion cysts that have been present for years.

Aspiration treatment, drawing off the fluid content with a needle, only works in about 50% of cases, but carries very low risk and is often the right first line of treatment. Surgery is highly successful (85% permanent cure). Ganglion cyst excision is usually followed by an uneventful recovery for the patient and carries low risks of significant complications. | Tel: 01342 330303